The Dive Centre Team

New Horizons Snorkel and Dive Centre prides itself on its highly professional, motivated and above all friendly full-time and part-time members of staff.

With many years of diving experience in numerous destinations around the world, you will find our knowledge and advice are second to none. This, combined with a relaxed style of teaching, a wide collection of salty sea tales and a few jokes thrown in, ensures your course is as informative, beneficial and enjoyable as possible.

Sammi Mills (PADI Staff Instructor)

Sammi is the latest team member and is the new Shop Manager. She can be found slaving away at the shop on a daily basis, so pop in and say hello!

More information & image coming soon!

Katherine Donnelly (PADI Instructor)

Info on our team member to come!

Dave Cutler (PADI Instuctor)

Photo reproduced by kind permission from Mr Simon Hodgkiss

Colin Matthews (PADI IDC Staff Instructor)

I restarted diving about 5 years ago after a long break. My daughter had met a chap who was a diver and she wanted to do the Open Water course so that she could go on holiday with him. I was volunteered (by her) to do the course with her.

I have been enjoying diving with New Horizons ever since!

Andy Frith (PADI IDC Staff Instructor, Depth Therapy Education Instructor, EFR Instructor & BSAC Instructor)

I started diving in 2004, I completed my Open Water in Jamaica.  Since that first course I was hooked and qualified as an instructor with New Horizons Dive Centre in 2007. I have dived all over the UK, Europe, Red Sea and the Caribbean. When not getting wet I am involved in training the Emergency First Response and Care for children courses.

Phil Wood (PADI Instructor, EFR Instructor)

I started diving in 2001 and did a lot of my training with New Horizons.  I have been instructing with them on a part time basis since 2004.  I’ve dived in the UK, Turkey, Malta, Tunisia, Mexico, Maldives, New Zealand, The Azores and numerous trips to Egypt.  Best dive – whenever I see something new for the first time.

Julie Morrissey (PADI Staff Instructor & IANTD Advanced Nitrox Instructor)

Queen of all things technical… my main diving interest is nautical archaeology. I also teach windsurfing, kayaking, power boating, dinghy sailing and mountain walking. In my spare time I am an air traffic controller.

Luke Humphreys (PADI Instructor)

I have been diving for 5 years now and instructing since June 2012.  I fell in love with diving when doing the Open Water course with our very own New Horizons Dive Centre!

Diving has taken me partly round the globe (mainly the Med) and have worked as a Dive Master in Majorca (Mallorca) before returning to the UK to instruct 🙂

My passion is now teaching and still love to get wet at every opportunity!

John Rimmer (PADI Instuctor)

My first underwater excursion in Cyprus in 2006 was a wonderful life changing event for me. Subsequently, my wife Linda and I made numerous visits to Egypt to go through our courses and enjoy together what has become one of our greatest passions. We have dived with dolphins in the Red Sea, made friends with a giant grouper in Lanzarote, explored the underwater caves in Malta, Gozo and Camino, photographed blue ring octopus and other critters in the Lembeh Straits in Indonesia, and played with seals in the Farne islands. We have explored many wrecks and reefs along the way and had some fantastic experiences that would not have been possible any other way. I have been a PADI instructor since 2012 and joined the New Horizons team in 2013. It always gives me pleasure to help others take up the sport and get as much pleasure out of it as I do.

Rachael Blackmore (PADI Instructor)

From being little I have always loved the water and knew how much I wanted to work in it! Getting me out of the water now is still a problem!

I started my Scuba diving journey in 2006 with my Open Water.  I then continued to dive through University where I studied to become a Marine Biologist.  After finishing University I went to work in Spain to do my Dive Master internship and stayed on to complete my Instructor qualification.

I am now fortunate enough to work in an amazing company with loads of amazing people!  I love teaching and witnessing peoples first underwater breaths and seeing how they improve over time.  There is always an adventure here at New Horizons Dive Centre and I can’t wait for my next one!

Brian Fairbrother (PADI Instuctor)

I have been associated with New Horizons since March 2000. After originally signing up for a Dry suit course I continued with my education with New Horizons and became an Instructor in December 2004. The best thing I like is to see the faces of students as they progress through courses and the delight when they complete a course. I like all types of diving but my favourite has to be the vibrant reefs of the Red Sea and Caribbean.

Jason Pepper (PADI MSDT, BSAC & PSA Instructor, Tec Rec & Cave)

I started diving in 1998 and have become more and more interested with anything to do with diving as the years have rolled by… I have an extensive collection of poor jokes which are rolled out on a regular basis… I like wreck, cave and drift diving the most, but frankly any diving is better than working!

Steve Smithson (PADI Instructor)

After 30 years of diving I still love being underwater and sharing the experience with others. I am happiest with a camera in my hands but just watching fish or exploring wrecks also give me a real buzz. Being out at sea and ‘diving’ in is always special.

Paul Haslam (PADI Instructor)

I have been Diving since 2004.  My wife suggested that I should give it a try, and little did I know how addictive it would become. Being able to go into an amazing world where we have no right to be, but with technology and development we can!! I have done all my courses & training with New Horizons & dived in many places throughout the world and UK and I have a large repertoire of jokes at my disposal!!!!

John Ainley (Dive Master)

I started my diving career after years of try dives abroad on holiday in 2008 with NHDC, working my way through the club up to Dive Master, DSD Leader and EFR instructor. I enjoy diving with new people and helping to progress their training. I’m happy on any dive UK or overseas, but throw in some metal and you’ll have my full attention!

John A

Clare Hammond (Dive Master & NHDC Director)

Hammond, Clare, 191278_POL

Brian Newman (Dive Master)

Divemaster rapidly approaching 500 dives having started diving somewhat later in life! Passionate about diving and New Horizons to the extent that I am now a Director.


Keith Chapman (Assistant Instructor)

Andrew Hawkseworth (Dive Master)

Jane Sheldon (Dive Master & DSD Leader)


Louise Cheetham (Dive Master)

Adriano Henney (Dive Master, DSD Leader & EFR Instructor)

I started my diving adventure quite late in life, whilst on holiday in Egypt in 2008. I was immediately captivated by the beauty of the underwater world in the Red Sea, but it wasn’t until I tried my hand at underwater photography under the expert eye and masterful instruction of Martin Edge that I truly became spellbound. Now as a Divemaster, I remain on a journey not just of underwater exploration, but also of learning the art and skills of the underwater photographer.


Grant Shuttleworth (Dive Master)

Tessa Dunford (Dive Master, DSD Leader & EFR Instructor)

Kevin Mycock (Assistant Instructor)

Mycock, Kevin 251067

Steve Turner (Dive Master)